Credits and Deep Appreciation

These training materials were first available in the late 1990s and are being re-released now because of the needs and the demand.

Before I say anymore I want to thank three people who have made this possible and without whom this program would not be before you today.

Paul B. Pedersen, did a great deal of work to develop the Triad Training Model which I have borrowed from extensively, in the development of these materials.  While I made a few changes to Pedersen's basic training model it was all done with his agreement and support. He covered my model in his book, Hidden Messages in Culture-Centered Counseling: A Triad Model.

The work of Carl R Rogers started in the field of psychotherapy and moved out into education, management, parenting and many other areas. It is my hope that Paul Pedersen’s work might have the same sort of ripple effect within our world.

Jeff Crowe, Owner/Producer Bunkhouse Media, did all of the video production work and did some of this on his own time without any payment. Jeff was at Central Washington University when this project first got started. Jeff's commitment to this project and went beyond what was expected, He put many hours into the development of these training videos.

Judy Dunn, encouraged me and supported me and edited the manual in order to get this before you today.  Without Judy’s encouragement and editing and belief in this process it likely would not be here today.

Executive Producer:

Bill Craig


Jeff Crowe

Production Coordinator:

Teresa Rasmussen


Matt Chapman

Darryl Fuhrman


Jim Cole

Dave Herick

Post production:

Jeff Crowe


Steve Douglas

A special THANK YOU to the following people who shared from their personal life experiences or interacted on the video with those who were sharing.

  • Wayne Barnett
  • Darlene Bassett
  • Stanley Bassett
  • Leslee K. Caul
  • Keith M. Champagne
  • Patricia Cole
  • Melody Crockett
  • Jeff Crowe
  • Kathy S. Curd
  • Mollie J. Edson
  • Stacey Ferris
  • Krishna Frank
  • Darryl Fuhrman
  • Liliana Gallardo
  • Lois Gray
  • Harriet J. Greenwood
  • Lisa Garcia Hansen
  • Thomas Haven
  • Jerry Hogan
  • Herb Horikawa
  • Miiko Horikawa
  • Brenda Hubbard
  • Satomi Ishiguro
  • Kanashibushan
  • Jack Kelleher
  • Takako Kiriyama
  • Ervin Leslie
  • Katherine Leonard
  • Ezequiel Lopez
  • Richard Mack
  • Tim Marker
  • Debbie Miller
  • Sandra Munguia
  • Lowell Murphree
  • Mary Radeke
  • Carlos Reyes
  • Steve Rittereiser
  • Linda Ruffer
  • M.H. Said, MD
  • Sawraj Singh, MD
  • Harris D. Smith
  • Lorintha Warwick
  • Wilbur Slockish, Jr.
  • Gary F. Speer
  • Leonardo Tejeda
  • Sally Thelen
  • Harry Whitaker