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Beyond Prejudice Online Training Program

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Filtering People


Understanding and Confronting Our Prejudices, by James Cole Watch the related video: The masks we wear obstruct our vision and threaten to destroy our future. Foreward by Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu In Africa we have a saying that a person is a person through other people. Our humanity stems from our ability to relate to […]

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The Facade


A view of our helpfulness

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Facing Our Future


From denial to environmental action

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Facing our Future Together


A Trainer’s Guide, by Dr David McMurray

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The Controllers


A view of our responsibility

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The Helpers


A view of our helpfulness

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The Holder


A view of our relationship. The Holder has sold out again and will be reprinted soon.

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Thwarting Anger


A view of how we keep anger alive.

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