Overview of the Beyond Prejudice Training Program

Much of this web site provides information about prejudices is free of charge, however the actual training videos that are used to conduct workshops or trainings are available at a cost. These materials were developed with over 50 people sharing personal stories of discrimination and demonstrating the skills and processes that have been shown to effectively reduce prejudicial behavior. After the expenses of producing these materials and maintaining this web site are covered then 50% of the money paid for the total program will go to an organization that is working to reduce prejudicial actions. Five organizations are listed here and you can select which organization will benefit from your purchase.

Warning — No one should be forced or required to participate in these trainings. To force people into this type of training creates stress for those who are strongly prejudiced and their reactions can be disruptive and difficult.

The Organization of This Site

Free Material

The four videos that are shown below (averaging 36 minutes each) and all of the supporting information that is available in the pull down menus on this page.

The Material One Can Purchase

  • Two additional videos that demonstrate the prejudice reduction processes and model the procedures used.
  • Three short videos for the resource people to refresh or review the procedures if needed.
  • The training manual (approximately 53 pages).

#1 The Nature of Diversity and Those Who Are Strongly Prejudiced (39 minutes)

#2 Understanding Stereotypes and Unintentional Prejudices (38 minutes)

#3 Reducing Our Own Unitentional Prejudicial Behavior (42 minutes)

#4 Reducing Prejudices Within Our Organizations (23 minutes)