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I was fortunate to meet Tom Woodruff in my first few months of graduate study for my doctorate in Colorado. Tom was majoring in art and he was able to translate many of my thoughts and ideas into a style of graphics which avoided details that might encourage readers to say, “That’s not me”.

This talented artist could include postures and gestures to carry feelings in an illustration, without a lot of words. Tom and I sat side by side at his drawing table for hours. Then he would ink the drawings and complete these after I left. We moved around the country and met up in different locations.

It was always a priority to get together whether it was in Colorado, Texas or Oregon, Tom has always been able to translate my thoughts into graphics which communicated ideas in a way that is not intellectual, but is meaningful.

Filtering People


Understanding and Confronting Our Prejudices, by James Cole

Watch the related video: The masks we wear obstruct our vision and threaten to destroy our future.

Foreward by Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu

In Africa we have a saying that a person is a person through other people. Our humanity stems from our ability to relate to other people and to God. When we alienate ourselves from each other we debase ourselves. What self-inflicted poverty!

It seems we have great difficulty in accepting each other perhaps because we cannot accept ourselves. Too often we are looking back over our shoulder checking. “Am I alright?” Comparing ourselves to others: and yet we are not like anybody else. No two people are the same. That is quite bind-boggling and what a miracle of God. He has made each person different that each may be valued for that very difference, reflecting God’s love and the diversity of creation. A creation of which we are all a part not just as equals, but more than that, as family, the human family, God’s family.

You do not choose your family they are God’s gift to you as you are to them. You may not agree with your brother or sister but you can never renounce them. They are always your family. If we were to see each person as a brother or sister how could we let them go hungry, or cold, or lonely, or fight in wars against them or be treated differently to ourselves? No you would want the very best for your family. It is when we have this attitude we become most fully human and strangely, we no longer need to look over our shoulder.

Desmond M. Tutu
The Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa

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The Facade


“This small volume may well serve as a useful resource to counselors as a topic for group reaction, as individual bibliotherapy, or as a launch for a discussion of interpersonal relationships.”

Elementary School Guidance and Counseling
American School Counselor Association

Watch the related video: The masks we wear obstruct our vision and threaten to destroy our future.

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Facing Our Future


From denial to environmental action.

Watch the related video: The masks we wear obstruct our vision and threaten to destroy our future.

Foreward by His Holiness The Dalai Lama

As we approach the end of the twentieth century our world has become smaller and more interdependent. We are united by many positive ties and linked by world-wide communications. However we are also drawn together by the problems that confront us: overpopulation, dwindling natural resources, and an environmental crisis which threatens the very existence of the planet that sustains us. Naturally, faced with such global problems, the individual may feel helpless and overwhelmed. But, to begin with in the context of this new interdependence, even self-interest clearly lies in considering the interest of others.

To meet the challenges that confront us, we must develop a greater sense of responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for ourself, our family or nation but for the benefit of all mankind and the generations who will succeed us. This need to cooperate can only strengthen the human community.

Jim Cole’s Facing Our Future aptly illustrates these points. He shows that ignoring or turning away from such problems is no solution. They can only be tackled by acknowledging they exist and concern us all. This will form the basis for actually working together to resolve them.

July 5, 1991

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

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Facing our Future Together

A Trainer’s Guide, by Dr David McMurray
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The Controllers


Your books are valuable contributions to understanding people in a way that everyone can grasp. We will use them in our work …”

William Glasser, MD, author of Reality Therapy and Schools Without Failure

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The Helpers


The Helpers looks at our needs to act both helpless and helpful. It explores what these Ned’s do to ourselves and to those we try to help. It surveys the experiences of trying to help others change and the failings that go with these attempts. While it communicates the frustrations of helping others it explores way to get beyond those frustrations.

“It (The Helpers) suggests some psychological roots for the urge to help, as well as a look at the frustrations that can beset the helper. The book reads easily – more like a cartoon book than a psychology text- but provides quite serious insights…” — Association Management

“Difficult concepts portrayed simply through pictures. Enjoyable for young students and adults.” — The Guidepost (The guidepost is the newspaper of the American Association for Counseling and Development)

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The Holder


A view of our relationship.

The Holder has sold out again and will be reprinted soon.

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Thwarting Anger


A view of how we keep anger alive.

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