Training Materials

A - Filtering People Training Program $85.00
one video, one book and a manual
Plus shipping & handling of $10.00

B - Beyond Prejudice Teaching Tools $379.00
a set of four videos with a manual
Plus shipping & handling of $10.00

C - Beyond Prejudice: $895.00
a set of six videos with 2 binders of printed
materials & handouts that can be copied
Plus shipping & handling of $20.00

D - Beyond Prejudice 1.5: $1,295.00
(Includes both B and C above)
Plus shipping & handling of $20.00

Training Materials are available from

Growing Images
514 North Pine
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Credit card orders and purchase orders are welcome on training materials.
FAX (509) 925-5551
Phone (509) 925 -5226

Filtering People $9.95 *
Facing Our Future $14.95*
Facing Our Future Together $7.95*
*Shipping and handling on the first book is $1.50 plus 50 cents on each additional book.
Books may be ordered from:
Growing Images/
Publishers Services
P.O. BOX 2510
Novato, CA 94948

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Understanding Prejudicial Behavior

Who Can Reduce Prejudicial Behavior

Reducing Prejudices within an Organization

Some Impacts of Prejudicial Behavior

Assessing Your Knowledge of Prejudices

Myths, FAQ, Alerts, ect.

Some Dynamics of Prejudicial Behavior

Assessing Your Own Prejudices

Our Connection to Others, the Earth and Future

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Reducing Your Prejudicial Behavior

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